BROOD X: ’04 ’21

The above image was taken, May 16, 2021, underneath a magnolia tree, BROOD X 17-year (Great Eastern Brood) cicada in the final stage of molting prior to hardening of the new exoskeleton. The sounds and photographs of the 17-year cicada from 2004 are based on locations from the areas of Catonsville, Arbutus, and the Patapsco State Park system, Maryland, USA. Over the next few weeks around mid-May, I will begin posting sounds and various media from the offspring of the 2004 cicada bloom. This will include short cicada-based sonic interactions including various forms of media experiments that may include other artists from around the globe.

Periodical cicadas, like these, remain underground for years before emerging into the sunlight, where they spend weeks calling for mates, mating, and laying eggs for the next generation.
Close proximity to several males singing with the forest in the background from the Patapsco State Park
Males facing off.
These are the sounds of about 50 cicadas collected in a steel bowl recorded in my studio.
Performance with the BROOD X 2004 cicadas. Not in real time.