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Sound Ecological Response

Stone Music: Geology Sounding Ringing Rocks County Park, PA. in collaboration with Ed Ruchalski Place-based sound intervention. Edited Google landsat image of the area of the Ringing Rock stone field. We were located at the red “X.” Last June, 14 I met up with Ed Ruchalski from Syracuse at 8:00 AM to perform and experiment in the football size and mysterious seven acre field of boulders located appropriately named Ringing Rocks County Park, PA.  We knew one another through a radio project called art@radio that I started in 1999 that ended around 2011. Photograph by Ruchalski of Bradley swinging the DIY buzz-roarer.   Above is a composition created shortly after the site visit with Ed Ruchalski based on the concept of an “audio journal”  or soundscape collage. We created rhythmic structures that other sounds were integrated from various instruments we carried with us out into the park. There were moments when […]