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BB & biodiversity

NOTE: above photo is Langston Gash (with the National Aquarium) using the BioBuggy disecting microscope to collect samples and video document critters growing on the biodisk. The next step will be to take the samples and conduct DNA processing to scientifically identify the critters. Baltimore Harbor’s Biodiversity – IMET

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– mobilizing community art & science. BioBuggy, a mobile art and science laboratory on wheels, was designed and envisioned by media artist, Stephen Bradley, and scientist, Dr. Eric Schott. Other key contributors to the development and use of the BioBuggy are Charmaine Dahlenburg, Director of Field Conservation and Langston Gash, Conservation Technician at National Aquarium, and Abdul Adaranijo, IMET Intern practicing artist and graduate student at UMBC in environmental science. The big picture goal of BioBuggy is to increase the connection that urban residents feel for the living resources in nearby estuaries that they both enjoy and affect. We seek to accomplish this connection by inviting them to observe and listen to the small, sessile organisms in the estuary (harbor) with the aid of a mobile microscope, video screen, and hydrophone (underwater) listening device. ¬†Once drawn to the cart, a passer-by is invited by estuarine science and art students who […]