Stephen Bradley is a media and aural artist whose practice is grounded in place geography. Current project in collaboration between a cultural historian, Dr. Nicole King, director of the Orser Center for the Study of Place, Community & Culture. Using mapping to trace the communities of Baybrook, Baltiomre  a rapidcally changing area southeast of Baltimore City, Maryland, USA The project was developed through an Imaging Research Center 2010 Summer Fellowship from the design to the implimentation of the project.

Xiamen City Project appreciation and thanks.
Xiamen Baltimore Sister City Committee for their generous support. The foundation of this project was built upon through the Baltimore Rotterdam Sister City artist exchange program, 2006-2013.

Special Collections, UMBC, Tom Beck, director for introducing me to John Thomson, Scottish photographer, ethnographer, geographer and traveler.

Thanks to Michelle Massey for the reading list, language kits and encouragement.

Diane Kuthy for introducing me to ChinaVine amd Doug Blandy from Origeon University. Dale Leifeste and Fujinami Rieko to the artist, Hu Renyi living in Shanghai.

…and the guidance and encouragement to explore China.