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Tracing Bio-Buggy: Ear to the Harbor: (B-BEH) Baltimore City, Inner Harbor. Artist in residency – August – December 2021. This project is in collaboration with Dr. Eric Schott, IMET, area of research, Health and disease of aquatic organisms and, Charmaine Dahlenburg, National Aquarium. This past week I began to experiment with spectrographic imaging based on underwater recordings from the Inner Harbor using the software RAVEN. A baby step towards understanding what I hear vs. what is actually being recorded. The sound that is heard is the sound of urban runoff into the small canal-like area from the pier. Just off in the distance in the recording is the sound of traffic traveling over the Jones Falls overpass, East Pratt Street near Presidents Street. Vibrations from the automobiles on the pavement are traveling through the concrete into the body of the water transmitted out into the Harbor. On the other side […]

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BF Hornet Performance

This past Saturday, August 14 I made this recording of a swarm of bald-faced hornets who have been building a nest in our front yard magnolia tree.  I ended up recording them for over 3 hours as I could not retrieve my equipment – to finally extract my equipment I had to dress up for winter wearing a coat designed for 20 degrees below “0”, 2 mosquito screen hats, and work gloves that only resulted in one sting through the top of my left-hand glove– I felt pretty foolish until I heard the recording.   The excerpt here is right after placing the microphone at the mouth of the nest – there is a slight lull in their sound until they discovered the mic and then began to swarm.  The whole recording is 3+ hours. An observation of the recording that I noted while looking at the full 3-hour waveform is that the […]