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BROOD X: ’04 ’21

The above image was taken, May 16, 2021, underneath a magnolia tree, BROOD X 17-year (Great Eastern Brood) cicada in the final stage of molting prior to hardening of the new exoskeleton. My immersive experience these past six weeks with the BROOD X, 17-cicada 2021 phenomena resonate deeply with my molecules, imprinting them sonically.   For two of the six weeks of the above ground cicada presence, my wife and I rented a cabin not far from where we live to fully experience the BROOD with minimal human noise, and wooded park traffic.   The experience constructs a metaphor for COVID reemergence from 17+ months of quarantine and isolation.  The only signs of the BROOD X are located high among the tops of trees – copper-colored leaves attached to evenly spaced out “tree flags” hang down waiting for the vast drop to earth.   Another 17-years life cycle has begun; a bio-rain of […]

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Bio-Buggy: Ear to the Harbor (B-Beh)

B-BEH) a multi-disciplined collaborative project, expands upon an existing biodiversity study of the urban Chesapeake Bay.  A group of scientists from the Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology, National Aquarium, and civic-scientists and artists from Baltimore Underground Science Space contributes to this biodiversity study.  B-BEH focuses on the role of sound that surrounds the study, while adapting the cross-disciplinary science of bio-acoustics to identify healthy acoustic environments.  B-BEH will raise awareness of the effect of human noise on delicate urban estuaries. “The aquatic environment is increasingly bombarded by a wide variety of noise pollutants whose range and intensity are increasing with each passing decade. Yet, little is known about how aquatic noise affects marine communities.”