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Enoch Pratt Free Library mural project

UMBC students and myself collaborated with community members on a beautification project that resulted in 3 murals located on the outside of the Brooklyn Enoch Pratt Free Library, Baltimore City.  Check out the before photos further below. This project would have been impossible with out the generous support of the Friends of the Brooklyn Enoch Pratt Free Library.   Thanks to Deborah Wolley from BFHS who introduced me to Linda Schwartz, director of the library.   We immediately discussed ways we could corporate  with improving the looks of the library with the murals. The content and style was developed through several early meetings with Benjamin Franklin High School art students, thanks to Ms. Jessica Chambers.   Natalie Y. was in charge with managing the content and in the end painting a majority of the mural.  Natalie is a 4th year animation major from UMBC visual arts.   Mai T. was responsible for […]

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AAA conference in D.C. is presenting December 7 at the American Anthropology Annual conference in Washington, D.C.  This project is in collaboration with Dr. Nicole King from UMBC.  The panel is made up of the following, (AAA), Dr. King, Michelle Stefano, Bill Shewbridge, Deborah Rudacille (from UMBC) also includes Dr. Christine J Walley (MIT),  and Matthew S Durington (Towson University). We also presented at the Montreal Conference, that was organized by Dr. Steven High, Canada Research Chair in Public History,  Concordia U.  He is also involved with the Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling Check out the Orser Center for the study of Place, Community & Culture. Neighborhood reflecting the structure of the coal piers in the valley. Resources from the AAA conference in D.C. Anthropology by the Wire , is a multi-media research project on urban and visual anthropology in Baltimore

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Sketches: Singing Bowl

Much of my artist residency time at CAC has been to set up mixed purpose studio that with an electronics hacking emphasis where I am working on a number of trans-media artworks.  The following drawings are for an idea about a sound object controlled by motion, began in late August 2014.  I hope to have a working prototype by mid-January 2015.  The object could be installed in different contexts including live performance settings. Many of the technical solutions have been gleaned at — a super helpful resource. Another resource that I have used is the MAKE folks.  General thanks for the open INTERNET. Concept drawings for the Singing Bowl. Left hand are notes from working out the sensitivity of the ultrasonic sensor area.  This interacts with Arduino that ultimately controls three solenoids that tap different rhythmic patterns on the side of a bronze bowl depending on the location of my body to the bowl. Lower […]

Flute Code & Machine States

In collaboration with Lisa Cella who performs Flute Code composed by Mathew Burtner… … & Machine States scored by Christopher Adler. Thanks to the CAC Artist-in-Residency for supporting this project.

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Virtual performance

2 year old, Leo and I performed last week over SKYPE- it was 8PM in Valencia, Spain and 2PM in Baltimore, MD. We are teaching one another Spanish and English besides learning to virtually play together. Leo’s father, Diego took the cell phone photo, mother Clara on the right.   Leo is very expressive, illustrated here in a recording we made of him when he and his parents visited in September 2013.  

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Sparrows Point Terminal event

November 24, 2014 Today, I had the privilege to attend and witness the closing of a period of Sparrows Point history with my colleague from CAC, Mary Manning, technical director. Here is an image that gives the Sparrows Point star scale. The men at the base of the star are SP steel workers, one on the left is Lester Foster, whose card he gave me lists him as a “minuteman” with the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution. He was with the company for over 45 years. His friend on the right worked with him for a number of years. He was eager to tell me his story about the time he spent in the bowels of the simmering furnace. A cake to celebrate changes in the Sparrows Point community. The star in the photograph was located on the left side of the building in the Google […]