What? In May 2024, Broods XIII and XIX (two broods of American periodical cicadas) will hatch simultaneously, a convergent phenomenon that occurs only once every 221 years. Touring the epicenter of the emergence (the state of Illinois), Emergent Listening – Plains’ Hiss will focus on respectful listening and observation of the bio-behavioral, ecological, and bioacoustics dimensions of this rare event.  This communal project will explore other aspects of this phenomenon through the historical and cultural lens of Illinois, where the dual event will take place. (the above image is from June 2021, Hilton Patapsco State Park, Maryland)

LISTENING / OBSERVERING – paying attention is the overall objective
QUIET respectful creative responses
ART/MUSIC/SOUND & SCIENCE perspective(s)

CONTACT for more info:
Stephen Bradley -> sbradley (at) umbc (dot) edu

The core artist collective will organize a listening session to be announced as we get closer to the event.  Currently, the collective is made up of multidisciplinary artists, cultural, and community scientists, local historians, and ecologists.  The event will be in the general vicinity of Chicago, and southeast of Springfield, IL. A map of the general area will be provided shortly.