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100120 – 120320

The works here are experiments from the past few months in quarantine that include drawings, field recordings, zoom, and audio performances. The final works are from two different collaborations that have become an important part of my artistic routine during the 2020 pandemic. The second to last work is called ZOOM gestures series experimentation with multi-perspective using every device I have to log into zoom. The final work is a trans-national artist collective made up of anywhere from two to ten artists involved in sound/image tele-performances. The following are excerpts from my most recent sketchbook that I began October 1, 2020. These are experiments with depictions of memories from the day of sound, such as zoom conversations, meetings, radio, television, traffic and other ambient sounds in the background mashed up together into one or two images. Listen to the recording here. uni.Sol_38soundtracks, sound artists: Ludovic Medery (Belgium)Stephen Bradley, video (USA)experiMENTALien […]