uni.Sol sound project

united artists for well being of solar system

Experimental music/sound project by Slavek Kwi located in Ireland. Invited artists perform at a particular time selected by Kwi in Ireland time — that matches their time zone.

This is the latest performance, uni.Sol X by the artists, Stephen Bradley, Darius Ciuta, experiMENTALien, Jan Kruml, Roy Adams, and Slavek Kwi

Performance September 14, 2019, 5:– = 6:00 PM EST

Telepathic:.:tune up:::no.5:.:Friday 21th June 2019 from 9 pm to 10pm
(timezone: Irish Summer Time). A music exploration via telepathic channels, unexplored and alternative ways of inter-connecting around the globe, creating a feeling of connection. Each artist participated by performing anytime between 9-10 PM, Irish Summer Time. I performed for most of the hour, Friday, June 21, 4-5 PM EST. Here is what the final project sounded like. I recommend that you listen to the “subjective” version as it allows space for each artist who performed.

Sound studio space.

Here is a list of the artists,
multiverse: magnificent 7 
David Nadeau (Canada) 
Jan Kruml (Instinct Primal) (Czechia) 
Dominique t’Jolle (Belgium) 
Pierre Juillard (Astragales) (France) 
Paul Murnaghan (Ireland) 
Sayori Izawa (France) 
Stephen Bradley (USA) 
+ 1: 
Artificial Memory Trace (Ireland)