SPEED Future is an ongoing project having to do with our (my) relationship to the speed at which we are traveling, from work to home, vacation, shopping, entertainment or just the joy of travel. Regardless, the automobile has changed our relationship to place due to the displacement of our bodies from the land which we inhabit.

Photographing from the window of the automobile at high speeds is a direct analysis of using photography as a way of understanding the place I transverse post travel. This project was inspired by my early experience while living in South Korea, for two years from 1968-69. In the ninth grade, I had to travel back and forth from each week from Daegu to Busan and back because there was no higher level of school available on the military base that we lived. Every Sunday evening around 7PM my classmates and I would jump onto a train in Daegu and travel for the two and a half hours to Busan a coastal down at the bottom of South Korea. By the time we arrived, it was close to 10:30 PM, then would crash in the barracks-style dormitory until 7 AM the next morning where I would study each day until Friday afternoon, at which time we would return to Busan by train until Sunday night repeating the round-trip until the end of the school year.

This year long experience had a primary impact on my thinking as an artist most in particular much later in my career, both sound, motion of the landscape, besides the impact of the culture and arts of Korea.