In the Neighborhood

Bradley/Sturgeon Works ©2017, 3:47

A subtly urgent tom-tom beat underscores an evolving narrative beginning with a plaintive sense of coming late to change, or fear of some essential part of Self is – lost at sea, through a growing awareness that forms the impetus for seeking the unknowns that lie ahead. The conciseness of vocals and spiraling acoustics combine implying clear resolve for self-knowledge that surges forth with exuberant buzz.


Bradley/Sturgeon Works ©2017, 4:25

A delicate, subtly soulful sax provides agency for a voyage that undulates between cosmic perspective and the ephemeral nature of our personal fate. The wandering cinematic tones of densely layered sound and observational text seek solace in a call to join together in lonely places and seek hope in the sober embrace of our place in the continuum.


Bradley/Sturgeon Works ©2017, 2:53

Traversing the blacktop-laced American West evokes touchstones of empathy through roadside observation of forgettable travel stops and lives riveted to places often just passed through and forgotten. There is an intimacy of sound and word that resonates with authenticity, acrimonious pathos and yet a sense of joy in our shared humanity.

Collaborators in performances & sound works for over 15 years, Steve Bradley met John Sturgeon at his Las Vegas studio for renewal of camaraderie and to partake of their mutual love of travel, photography as well as to utilize the occasion for a – jam session. The serendipity of those early 2017 recording sessions led to three new sound art pieces. Bradley’s innovative instrumentation and sound mixes coupled with Sturgeon’s poetic text and vocals are enhanced by their featured cover-art photography form the collection entitled – roamin.