FSCG Cargo Crate

Scroll all the way down to see some of the “art tiles” that we made at the Filbert Street Garden Fundraiser Gala last Fall.   We are working on how to integrate the tiles into the garden as markers.


Today we met with Rodette, who is the new manager of the community garden.   Kathie diStefano is on her right, visiting from Rotterdam, NL. She collaborated last year with Jason Reed, who is now working at Living Classrooms, Baltimore City.

Our next project will be to modify the Filbert  Street Community Garden cargo crate donated by CSX making it fit with the “decor” of the garden.  Check out the blog associated with the garden when you get a chance. We will be collaborating with UMBC, BFHS students and community stakeholders on the project.  We talked about different techniques we might explore.  One idea to solve painting the side between the fence and the cargo crate was to paint on a canvas, add grommets and hang it so that it can be changed periodically.  Perhaps as the season changes.  Depends on funding and support for the project.  We also talked about adding flag pols on top and suspending flags and or banners to celebrate particular events.

_DSC1318-001_DSC1347-angleCrate_DSC1315_DSC1328Four views to give you a sense of each challenge. There is approximately 4′ between the fence and the cargo crate.

_DSC2118_gardenGalaTilesLast May, 2014 UMBC American Studies and visual arts students along with a number of community members painted these tiles that will be installed somehow in the garden.  Thanks to the Pottery Cove for donating and reducing the cost of the materials.