AAA conference in D.C. is presenting December 7 at the American Anthropology Annual conference in Washington, D.C.  This project is in collaboration with Dr. Nicole King from UMBC.  The panel is made up of the following, (AAA), Dr. King, Michelle Stefano, Bill Shewbridge, Deborah Rudacille (from UMBC) also includes Dr. Christine J Walley (MIT),  and Matthew S Durington (Towson University).

We also presented at the Montreal Conference, that was organized by Dr. Steven High, Canada Research Chair in Public History,  Concordia U.  He is also involved with the Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling

Check out the Orser Center for the study of Place, Community & Culture.

Last standing home_artifacts post demolition

Lost Places: Fairfield, Baltimore City, Maryland, USA. Stephen Bradley & Nicole King. Artifacts from the demolished or as the industry says “scrubbed” landscape.


Photographs taken on the Fairfiled Drake house after the house was scrubbed documenting the residue of the demolition.


The Polish Home Hall is behind me.

Neighborhood reflecting the structure of the coal piers in the valley.


Screen shot from  illustrating the orientation of Baybrook to Sparrows Point, which closed recently.

Resources from the AAA conference in D.C.
Anthropology by the Wire , is a multi-media research project on urban and visual anthropology in Baltimore