Arrival, adjusting, learning – first week

My arrival to Xiamen from Beijing was intense due to a thunder storm that we arrived into.  My connector flight from Beijing to Xiamen was delayed for well over 2 hours putting me in Xiamen around 2:30 AM Wed, July 2 — despite my rough arrival I was have had a mild case of jet lag.  The whole trip took a little over 24 hours from Baltimore BWI Airport.

_DSC3084-hotelwindowHere is a view of Xiamen from the hotel where I am staying at the moment.  Believe it or not, I am staying at a very nice place called the Armed Police Sanatorium – a place next to where police are trained for service.  The hotel rents out space when there are rooms available, which are reasonable.  Xiamen University is a 10 minute walk from the hotel.  Early this morning I did some field recordings just under the trees in the foreground of cicadas that I will post sounds from shortly along with some photographs of the beautifully sounding creatures.