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Shanghai & Xiamen media resources

My friend, Saoirse Higgins turned me on to the following resources in Shanghai. hackspace: compatible: Not here in China, but the UK is this resources; Digital Media Labs Last night, July 5 we visited MASSBOT, which is located about a mile and a half from our hotel. Pretty amazing place where the artists have hacked the location architecturally, culturally and psychically- carving out a unique creative space for expression.  Here are a couple of photographs from last night. This couple served us tea for almost 40 minutes non-stop.  We did not know one another’s language, but communicated through the ritual of tea drinking.  We did use an iPhone app for translation, to say good bye and to also thank for them for their generosity and warmth. I don’t know much about how it works, but this is what I found on line. MASSBOT.