The Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History, is dedicated to sharing the courageous journeys toward freedom and self-determination made by African American Marylanders

Institute for the Management of Creative Enterprises, resourse of research, services in support of the management of creative enterprises.

Contemporary Museum, The Contemporary Museum explores the art and culture of our time by presenting new art, new ideas and new creative processes. Since its founding in 1989, the Contemporary Museum has been committed to presenting thought-provoking exhibitions, innovative programming, and unique collaborations with artists, curators, and members of the Baltimore community.

Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance, exists as a catalyst to create a cohesive cultural community that strengthens the livability and economic vitality of the Greater Baltimore region.

Load of Fun
a downtown Baltimore community based gallery presenting emerging as well as established artists in a variety of media.

Maryland Historical Society
is the Mayrland's oldest cultural institution.

Station North Arts District is located in the heart of Baltimore, the first area in the city to receive the state designation as an arts and entertainment district. Spanning the communities of Charles North, Greenmount West and Barclay, Station North is a diverse collection of artist live-work spaces, galleries, rowhomes and businesses - all within walking distance from Penn Station and Mount Vernon.

Westnorth Gallery is located in the Station North Arts District run by Roy Crosse, anartist curatory. Since October 2002, the studio gallery has exhibited over 50 artists and a number of solo exhibitions.

artists projects
audioTagger is a mobile-phone-sound-art-in-urban-space research project,
or can be defined as, wireless phonography ("mobile sound writing").
audioTagger is a momentary exploration of urban space, to capture a
sonic moment using mobile technology.

iKatun is an artist-run organization whose mission is to present contemporary art that fosters public engagement in the politics of information.

Hasan Elah, uses a cell phone with a GPS device embedded that tracks his every move publishing it on his web site, assisting the FBI keep track of where he happens to be at any given moment.

zexe.net a project in which specific urban collectives broadcast their daily experiences from mobile phones directly to the web. These collectives have included people such as in wheelchairs in Barcelona mapping the architecural barriers in the city, and motorcycle messengers (motoboys) in Sao Paulo, Brazil, among others.
net community
Art in Mobile, is a yearly project that looks for art in subcultures in collaboration with authorities of these respective subcultures. The results of those collaborations are shown at the gallery Galerie De Meerse - Hoofddorp (Amsterdam), in catalogues, educational publications, websites, flyers, posters, stickers, outdoor advertisements and workshops.Art in Mobile is a non-profit initiative of Art Gallery Galerie de Meerse and is sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

Cambridge Community Television, Boston. s a public forum for all Cambridge residents, businesses and organizations. CCTV provides training and access to telecommunications technology so that all may become active particpants in electronic media. CCTV strives to involve the diverse population of Cambridge as producers and viewers, and to strengthen efforts through collaborations with a wide variety of community institutions. The material presented on this site is the property of Cambridge Community Television.

Centre of Attention, Pierre Coinde and Gary O'Dwyer. Its experimental approach stems from an ongoing enquiry into the phenomenon of art production, presentation, consumption and heritage-ization.

iBrattleboro, original, locally-owned citizen journalism site. Read and write your own news, interviews, and more. Pick a local Brattleboro story and cover it yourself or with friends.