Surface Current: Radio Heijplaat
Sponsered by the Baltimore <-> Rotterdam Sister City Exchange. The project focus is to give voice to the rich history of the Rotterdam Seaport through various communities, beginning with Heijplaat neighborhood that was displaced in the 1980’s by the laying off of over 1300 shipyard workers, tracing how the seaport has had an impact to the people through their stories of the place. June 1 - August 1, URBANtells, artist-in-residence at Foundation B.a.d, South Rotterdam > more <
((( Ohr am Wattenmeer )))
“Ear to Wattenmeer, ” a duration piece, employs the interdisciplinary practice of acoustic ecology, which examines the effect of sound on all living beings and the state of the global soundscape. This site-specific artwork consists of an underwater microphone attached just below the surface of the water at the base of a platform shared with a number of scientists from the Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg. > more <

URBANtells is invited to exhibit cell:stitch a new mobile media work reworked specifically for the  at the 3rd Annual Biennial of Seville hosted by the Contemporary Art, curated by Mr. Peter Weibel, general director of the ZKM Centre for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, Germany.... learn more

URBANtells collaborates and produces a large-scale live sound work in the Inner Harbour at the Federal Hill for the NYC based artist collective, Shua Group, October 26, 2008.

More about how to participate with the project can be found here <<

URBANtraces launched May 6 from the Station North Market, 20 W. North Ave, Baltimore, MD. URBANtraces is a neighborhood radio project that employs numerous low-power FM transmitters broadcasting at 87.7 FM. The transmitters are located at various sites, including people’s homes, shops and art spaces, beginning at Howard Avenue and West North Avenue and ending near Charles Street South to E. Lanvale Street. The broadcasts will be available 24/7 through August 2008. > more info <

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URBANtells performs HighFrequency as part of Transmodern Festival, Baltimore, Maryland. learn more > more here <

HighFrequency is a sound-art site-specific performance by URBANtells that includes recorded voices of Station North residents, music, and noises from the neighborhood. Using megaphones and FM receivers the artists interact with sound compositions broadcast by several FM transmitters and the ambient sounds from North Avenue traffic.

Call & Response is an interdisciplinary art, science and technology project created to provide both real time and cumulative data regarding ecological changes between the Jones Falls Watershed and the Baltimore Inner Harbor water systems.  The project will employ a solar and wind power navigational device, which artist Steve Bradley and colleague, David Stround have named Intellexi v 0.1, (BUOY) equipped with sensors, monitors and transmitters to provide participants information over a one-year period.  The Intellexi will collect data and convert the information into broadcast sounds and digitized images thereby creating an eco-narrative and “voice” for the delicate ecosystem that is normally overlooked, invisible, or silent to the public. >><<

The core of the project broadcasts recorded (and sometimes live) selected sounds of a place that often include stories, spoken poems, music and other sonic forms that normally would be lost in the “noise” of the urban environment.  The objective is to create a sense of place by offering up the sounds and the voices of the residents back into the urban environment.  The goal of URBANtraces is to give voice to the local residents who are often silent but always there living, playing and working in and around the community of Station North Arts District.   learn more <
Txt Me L8r a current project Co-curated by Aurora Picture Show and Houston Center for Photograph. Txt Me L8r explores the potential for distributed creativity through the use of cell phone technology. URBANtells was invited to participate by submitting cellphone images based on an "assignment." The image to the left was submitted for the assignment, “Photograph what sleep looks like.” See more the whole project @flickr, and lear > more here <
DIY: REcharging the City, Technology in the Arts Conference, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburg, PA, October 12-13, 2007. The goal of Technology in the Arts is to be a resource for the arts community, sparking dialogue around the role of technology in our planning and programming, discussing best practices as well as lessons learned, and providing hands-on, practical skills where possible. As part of the Technology in the Arts conference, URBANtells designed an participatory cell phone based project called > net.cell < Take a picture using your cell phone and send it to > urbantells@wintermute.org < Carla Dunlap, served as the discussant on the Technology in the Arts Converence panel.