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CAC cave paintings

A pano from my studio as of today.  The tower like object highlighted on the electronics workstation is the “singing bowl” prototype nearing completion.   More documentation will follow.   Today, while talking with Mollie, CAC ed director, she made a reference to the floor in the woodworking shop about not losing the beauty of the marks as the center makes upgrades to the space into a makerspace — archeological marks left behind from many years of creative use.  I agree, the floor is full of memories that would be sad to lose.

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FSCG Cargo Crate

Scroll all the way down to see some of the “art tiles” that we made at the Filbert Street Garden Fundraiser Gala last Fall.   We are working on how to integrate the tiles into the garden as markers. Our next project will be to modify the Filbert  Street Community Garden cargo crate donated by CSX making it fit with the “decor” of the garden.  Check out the blog associated with the garden when you get a chance. We will be collaborating with UMBC, BFHS students and community stakeholders on the project.  We talked about different techniques we might explore.  One idea to solve painting the side between the fence and the cargo crate was to paint on a canvas, add grommets and hang it so that it can be changed periodically.  Perhaps as the season changes.  Depends on funding and support for the project.  We also talked about adding flag pols on top and suspending […]

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Rail to Trails: stone markers

A relatively new rails to trail pathway has been established not far from where we live.  We now have even more of an  incentive to walk and explore locally.  On the end of the Catonsville  Trail, I took these photographs just over & past the fence that prevents access to the National Cemetery on Frederick Road towards Irvington. Below is through the fence. Initially, I had intended on using these for a pano, but liked how they looked in the “slide viewer” instead. Here is another one that I did convert. More information about Rail to Trails.