portraitstories experiments with a variety of materials and social techniques to build and explore cultures of two groups in the diverse community of Brooklyn – Curtis Bay, Baltimore City, Maryland, USA.   Over a year period, Steve Bradley volunteered each Wednesday and Friday to develop a relationship with  students and their teacher, Jason Jones, Benjamin Franklin High School and a group of Curtis Bay seniors.  

“Portrait Stories” aims to create an open exchange between two different generations: Benjamin Franklin High School students and an elder group from the Curtis Bay Seniors who meet at the local recreation center.  Each group member told their stories to one another, and created a diverse body of narratives and artwork in response to learning about the other.  Primarily, high school youths engaged the elders through the creative act of "portraiture"* and storytelling.

The project goal is for all participants to expand their perceptions of the larger community and to recognize elders and youngsters as neighbors.  It will even stimulate awareness of community resources, and build capacity of existing institutions and organizations.

For more inforamtion check out:  http://urbantells.net/IRCF-blog/