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Dutch Shower

“Dutch Shower” was produced while in residency at Foundation B.a.d, Rotterdam, Netherlands, June and July 2009.  The work came out of a larger project that involves experimenting with commercially printed matter.  My choices are based on the quality of the printing and the paper.

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White On Black series

This series was created in 2009 while I was an artist-in-residence at Foundation B.a.d, Rotterdam, Netherlands. The project was supported by the Baltimore Rotterdam Sister City Artist Exchange Program.  Thanks to Rachel Singers, Annet Couwenberg and the sister city committee for making this a successful project.  Using found house paint I manipulated the surface to shift and distort the model exaggerating the body into “stick figures.”

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Reframing John Thomson

“Reframing John Thomson” shifts the focus and or intent of the photographer’s attention from the main subject(s) to what we might think of as the ephemeral or the unimportant.   This June I will install approximately 10 works at Sun Dog Gallery, Xiamen University.   Besides the works in the gallery, I will experiment with installing these on the streets of Xiamen at strategic locations to be identified in the very near future. (Above test installation was executed 06/12/15 at the Chesapeake Arts Center studios.)         Thanks to UMBC’s Special Collection, Tom Beck and staff.  Photograph fragments are from the book; Illustrations of China and Its People (1873 – 74).   John Thomson was a Scottish photographer, geographer and traveler who documented the Chinese landscape, culture and its people beginning around 1868 continuing for approximately four years. This illustration on the right corrects the position of the  selected area in relation to the original photograph by Thomson, Cheefoo Bridge, […]

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Mediated Topologies

Mediated Topologies – is a series based on found magazines, medical and science text books, pamphlets, advertisements, and other commercially printed matter.  Multiple pages are glued and stacked together into a solid object once dried is then sanded through the various surfaces of the glued object to different layers.  Mixing the various texts, image and adds to create a painting of sorts. The outcome of the technique is dependent on the paper and the duration that it is soaked with the clear acrylic varnish.  To see the series so far, visit: here. NOTE: this image above, “Europa Dance” was found discarded on a subway in Helsinki, Finland going from north to south part of the city. The drawing on the map appears to be that of a young child, which I maintained as I sanded away the rest of the area.  This was the first of the series.    

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Singing Bowl @ the NODE

Today, Alan Grover and I spent a few hours at the NODE working on the singing bowl prototype. Unfortunately, while working out the electricity we electrified the TP120‘s and probably some of the other electronic components that regulate the solenoids. Fortunately, this is not too expensive, except for the time to put the electronics back together.   One very important accomplishment was that we were able to illuminate one of the  wall warts by replace one with a more powerful amperage and wattage. For the rest of the time we focused on how the wiring will be woven through out the object and reworked with snap together hardware. Top – singing bowl, solenoids stacked on top of the Ikea kitchen can that will be tied to the decorative trash can and the old record player box that will contain all the electronics.    

CAC – Art@Radio

Sounds of art@radio returns to a new location and streaming effort employing several  low power radio transmitters embedded at the Chesapeake Arts Center broadcasting trans-local voices and sounds of place. Also broadcast will be excerpts from the a@r archives.  Stay tuned for more information as it develops. This is an example of some of the sounds of Curtis Bay, south Baltimore City, Maryland. Standing just inside of the Chesapeake CompostWorks warehouse with a steamy 12 foot pile of compost on one side and an open space that expands out towards the Inner Harbor the sounds of trains moving in and out of earshot along with various industries percolating in the soundscape.