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Aerial photographic techniques - layers Google Map

Grassroots Mapping,

Public Labortory, PLOTS

QR Code, stencil


Google Map examples (*comprehensive / design & function)

Mapping Main Street, A collaborative Documenatary Media Project,

*historyPin, (best example)

Sound Seeker,

Guided Video walks using Google maps (example of movie controled map, vis versa),

*LA Crime Map, (non google map layer, but interesting interaction data)

Baltimore Crime, Crime Baltimore,
Baltimore Sun crime map,
Baltimore Police Department,

*Historical Map Collection, David Rumsey (excellent use of graphic overlay)

Excellent example of toggle transparency,

*2010 Census Interactive Population Map, (non google map layer)

Census Data,

*Fairmount Cemetery map,

Cemetery Map via Google Maps

*Norway and Swedish map (very good integration of information—frames of data streams)

Global Detention Project,

Morocco Detention Profile

Map overlay – image

SpotCrime, Brooklyn and Curtis Bay

Layer KML,

  Non-Google Maps

Fresh Water Supply, (flash based?)

Friends of West Baltimore: Squares,


Google Map Tools
Google Fusion Tables / locations specific databases [spread sheets]

Spatial Humanities,

SIMILE Widgets; Free, Open-Source Data Visualization Web Widgets, and More

Evaluation HTML 5 google maps tool,

other examples perhaps off topic,
good design /concept, Paint your street (user input – interactive)

Google Mapping Technical Info and Links:

GoogleMaps API

Find the GPS coordinates for a specific address in the US:

Google Maps Mania:

VGMap by Eyebeam:

Yahoo Maps, an alternative online mapping system:


The Panoramio Layer (Library)
Google Maps Javascript API V3 Overlays
Google Maps Javascript API V3 Tutorial

Google KML,

Google maps / Flash,

Static Maps API V2 Developer Guide

Google Maps API Web Services

*Google+Project, "We're adding some new stuff to Google to make sharing online more like sharing in real life.

Google Map blog,

Print / www deliverables:
Census Population Profile Maps- pdf,



Language in Balitimore, Exploring the linquistic charm of the Charm City,


Augmented Reality research