verb [intrans.] change completely in form or nature

“Metamorphous” is a 6 week collaboration between Benjamin Franklin High School (BFHS) students in Brooklyn and Curtis Bay, Baltimore City and undergraduate students in the foundations, visual arts, UMBC. The project uses (free) materials found around the high school; public parks, school grounds, and surrounding neighborhoods; as their main material for constructing a series of sculptural characters that will be used in a stop-motion animation. All the sculptural object characters will be displayed in several locations, along with the movie, beginning in early December at UMBC's Hallway Gallery, sponsored by the CADVC gallery. For this project all the students have been introduced to various methods of documenting and manipulating the debris found in the neighborhood.

The impetus for “Metamorphous” came out of a larger interdisciplinary media arts and cultural history project called “Mapping Baybrook,” which employs digital mapping and visualization technologies to convey the history and culture of an industrial community in Baltimore, Maryland referred to as "Baybrook" (the adjacent neighborhoods of Brooklyn and Curtis Bay).

Overarching objectives: