Cornet Experiments

Experimenting with site specific moment. 070419 – fireworks, Carolina Wren & cornet

Recently, I purchased a cornet, Mercedes II designed after Bach.   It is a huge step up from the Allora black ART-1301, Bb plastic trumpet that I have played now for over a year and a half—I broke the ring slide after 9 months from playing hard, averaging 1.5 hours a day, sometimes more.  For the past five months, I have been researching what kind of the trumpet and cornet would make the best sense. Finally, the cornet won out.  Instead of using the plastic mouthpiece, I used a brass “?” that has helped train my embouchure.  The plastic trumpet was perfect at this stage since I was unsure if the instrument would hold my attention for very long.  Needless to say, it has become an obsession, which has driven my decision to invest in a midrange instrument.  My other main instrument is tenor sax.    The weight and feel of the Mercedes II is comfortable and less upper body demands compared to the sax.  Most of my energy is focused in breath and my embouchure.   The sound of the instrument is more important for me than the “music” that can be performed.    The instrument has the potential for gritty experimental sound shapes that includes vocalization that enhances the diverse textures that is possible with the instrument.   Ultimately, I am interested in performing in noisy places in urban settings to try to abate or subdue the noisy, infusing real time counter sounds to lessen the impact and violence of the noisy cityscape.   Below are several experiments with performing in my neighborhood that includes me interacting with the suburban bird song.