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Radio Compost

Sound of pleasure. Acoustic signature. This project focuses on acoustic ecology, or sounds found in the environment, the impact of noise on us as and our ecological living friends. Ecologically Sounding / February 19, 2019. 1) threat level Charlie.  t1) 01 Music For Glass, Metal, Space(S), Programming, Electronics, Body And Power I; t2) …Body And Power II; t3) …Body And Power III.  t4) …Body And Power IV; Bob Bellerue / Halfnormal Brooklyn, NY, 2002 2) Resonance, t1) Spirit And Flesh; t2) Temporal Reality; t3) For Swrm; t4) Open Heart; t5) The Sand, The Sea, The Stars; t6) Dave, David, Davison; t7) Transformation No. 1; t8) Opal; t9) Dziwna Milosc; Shawn Pinchbeck & Marion Garver, Canada, 1995

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Acoustic Performance Ecology

The above image is the BROOD X Cicada, 2004, Summer. The following are sound works based on hard to hear, out of human range, low or high frequencies found in locations that are often also overwhelmed by industrial and technological noise. The first track, Compost Song, is a recording of our compost pile from a few summers ago using a hydrophone. In postproduction (processing and sweating the audio track), I was able to expose more subtle and quiet sounds that would be inaudible from above the ground, outside in the noisy airspace. The sound of bio decomposition is very similar to the sounds of human digestion. The second track is a more recent approach that involves performing in the environment in real time with natural and unnatural sounds. By performing sound back into the environment I am strive to abate the noise, redirect our hearing, perhaps canceling out unwanted frequencies. […]