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Microorganism Observational System

The following is a prototype container system for culturing microorganisms sampled from tiny fragments of trash.  The image on the iPad  models the potentail viewing system. This particular trash was sampled and collected from the shore of the Alice Furgerson Foundation (environmental preserve) southeast of Washington, D.C. The lower portion of the system demonstrates how the petri dish with trash fragment and growing broth create smaller projections onto the surface  below.  This opens up an opportunity to further magnify and image the microorganisms using time lapse and real time viewing through the organisms’ their life cycle.  Ideally, the iPad or similar interactive device might control the multiple cameras embedded in the lower portion of the device.  The six-sample bottle system contains dry samples from the MCEEC field. The next version of the system, I will build viewing ports to record the microorganisms at higher resolution incorporating electronics,  multi-channel nano-hydrophone, multi-optics. […]

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Ecological sound objects

The following sculptures model our broken relationship with the landscape, due to many years of abuse and little respect for green space.   These works are embedded with speakers that broadcast sound compositions that reflect the imaginary context of these characters.  The chosen materials, structure and sound create play an important role in the psychological presence of the sonic objects.  These are the primary objects that will be integrated into a larger installation that is variable in scale depending on the venue or exhibition space it will be shown.  Each piece has a unique composition that embeds the sculpture within an acoustic halo that mimic’s its past history as living material. Split Cedar – (work in progress – destroyed, reworking) sound composition, cut chair, welded steel, cedar logs, speakers, bamboo, chair, pallet and hardware. Approximately 49” X 49” X 60” Sprout – Sound composition, welded steel, cedar logs, 2 speakers; mid-range and high-frequency, […]