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Ringing Rock State Park – PA

Stone Music: Geology Sounding Composition by Ed Ruchalski, which he calls Audio Journals.   Last June, 14 I met up with Ed Ruchalski from Syracuse at 8:00 AM to perform and experiment in the football size and mysterious seven acre field of boulders located appropriately named Ringing Rock State Park, PA.  We knew one another through a radio project called art@radio that I started in 1999 that ended around 2011. Photograph by Ruchalski of Bradley swinging the DIY bull-roarer. We created rhythmic structures that other sounds were integrated from various instruments we carried with us out into the park. There were moments when we would be subtle and the birds would add their chorus lines with our sounds and visa versa. Several times Ed was performing on the rocks with wooden drumsticks and the red bellied wood pecker not far from us was drumming on a dying tree seeking insects, […]

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Water’s Edge, Biome Tells

WEBT is an interdisciplinary art-science research project that focuses on the microscopic life forms found within the littoral zone of the brackish shoreline of the Patapsco River’s Middle Branch at Masonville Cove in the Brooklyn community of Baltimore. For many years, micro fauna and flora that reside at the water’s edge of Masonville Cove have been subjected to high levels of pollution due in part to the dumping of dredged materials from the Baltimore harbor, compounded by massive quantities of discarded debris from human activities. more info further down. [About the above banner image: Magnification: 159 X,  air bubbles attached to Closterium pritchardianum [?]. Identified through the Maryland Biodiversity Project.] SITES / timeframe: 061917 Library Pond, UMBC campus Testing the stereo microscope using a new NIKON adaptor for the D7000.  Geometric shape is a diatom.  Longer segmented bio-form is an blue-green algae. 061217 Pigpen Pond, UMBC campus 061217 Masonville Cove Environmental Education […]